We believe that ultimately we all want the same thing: stability, prosperity and a strong community.

Paladin Solutions has been providing safety, management and garrison services in support of projects since 2006, and specifically in Papua New Guinea since 2009. We have worked with some of the biggest companies in the world and have a reputation of being able to deliver to the highest operating standards, regardless of location.

At Paladin Solutions, we understand the key to safety lies in creating partnerships between people, government and organisations to provide the benefits of stability for all. Our approach combines best practice global experience with care, empathy, diligence and professionalism.

Paladin Solutions has delivered on a variety of major projects in Papua New Guinea. We have a strong working relationship with stakeholders, including all levels of government, local communities, community groups and businesses in Papua New Guinea. Our approach is one of openness and honesty – we’re forthright in what we can do and clearly communicate what we cannot.

Our focus is on the participation, training and mentoring of local staff and landowners to achieve stability and prosperity. We champion a partnership model that employs a 97 percent local workforce in Papua New Guinea. We live in the neighbourhood, buy local and ensure we become a valued part of the community.
Our goal is to provide a safe environment that promotes the welfare and wellbeing of our partners and local groups.

Through our work in Papua New Guinea, we have developed a 6P Framework that underscores our experience and how we manage projects. This framework is made up of six core pillars: people, projects, presence, partners, place and past.

how we work