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As a leading provider of safety, management and garrison services in the Asia-Pacific region, we are proud to work with a diverse range of clients, partners and communities to support major projects.

Paladin Solution’s framework underscores our experience and is a roadmap for how we manage projects now and in the future.

Our framework is made up of six core pillars: people, projects, place, partners, presence and past.

The 6P Framework


We believe people are at the centre of what we do

Paladin’s strength lies in the quality of its people and we value the experience and contribution of every one of our employees and partners. We employ locally sourced personnel and train them to international standards, and we mentor and develop our workforce to ensure they have the confidence and capability to carry out their role.

Our business is based around a community partnership model that seeks to actively and positively engage with community groups, locals and government. We believe the success of any project is most effectively achieved by fostering benefits for all involved, and our goal is to create a positive legacy that remains long after we have gone.

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We have successfully delivered on projects in Papua New Guinea and across the region

We provide safety, management and garrison support services to a range of clients in diverse industries. Our solutions are at all times compliant with country-specific regulatory and labour laws. Our strong philosophy of equity, dignity and respect is compliant with the Voluntary Principles of Human Rights and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Paladin Solutions has operated projects in remote parts of Papua New Guinea and we understand the potential difficulties that can arise. While considering the mission and objectives of each project, we strive to look beyond, ensuring that the activities we carry out have a positive impact on the community.


We seek to create a positive, lasting contribution from our projects

Paladin Solutions actively engages with and participates in communities to foster positive relationships and create a lasting, positive legacy. We live in the community, partake in local activities and ensure our presence in the community is genuine and respectful.

We believe that the projects we support should create positive benefits for the people we work with. We actively train and mentor our staff to upskill them and provide them with opportunities to advance their careers.

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We work to develop strong partnerships at all levels for mutual benefit

Paladin Solutions works with a number of partners to support operations in Papua New Guinea and across the region, enabling us and them to enjoy strong growth while offering employment and benefits to local communities.

Our partners include medical, electrical and security providers, among others. These strong partnerships have also allowed us to deliver quality services in a timely manner, ensuring ideal outcomes for our project partners.

On Manus Island, Paladin Solutions has established a joint venture with local company Pomwan Paladin to offer jobs and community engagement. This joint venture provides services to local hotels, banks and other clients.


We understand the culture, people and government of the areas we operate

Paladin Solutions has been providing services in Papua New Guinea since 2009 and in that time we have developed a strong understanding of the people, culture and government. Paladin Solution’s approach combines best practice global experience with care, empathy, diligence and professionalism.

Our approach is one of openness and honesty – we are forthright in what we can and cannot do.

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We value our past experience and carry that knowledge into the present

Paladin Solutions has been delivering projects and services in Papua New Guinea since 2009. In that time we have developed an innovative and unique delivery model that seeks to create stability and security by engaging and promoting the involvement of local communities.

We have a thorough knowledge and understanding of the culture, government and unique challenges of Papua New Guinea and harness this experience. At the same time, we know each project is unique and we tailor our approach to meet the particular goals and mission.

We seek to apply the experience of our past projects, while looking for ways to improve our service delivery across our current and future projects.